What We Do

Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. provides wireless network benchmarking, analysis and testing. We measure and evaluate network performance by conducting controlled, scientific tests combined with consumer research. We test indoors, outdoors, at venues, on roads – everywhere consumers use their device, everywhere consumers live, work and play. Our services are available worldwide – for more details see below. If you want to see what we’ve done lately visit our In the News page.

Network Benchmarking

GWS provides competitive voice and packet data benchmarking solutions built to support the requirements of wireless operators, regulators, tower companies, and infrastructure vendors.

Network Analysis

GWS utilizes big data techniques to intelligently sift through layers and volumes of test data. As a result, deep analyses of network performance can be quickly conducted and presented in meaningful ways.

Network Testing

Our reporting platform of procedures, systems, and software that supports all major wireless technologies and test equipment vendors. At the core throughout has been controlled, scientific testing that focuses on the consumer experience.

Consumer Research

GWS’s anonymized opt-in panel provides critical insights into smartphone engagement – from understanding customer expectations to measuring mobile app usage and network performance.

Case Studies

GWS network testing specialists routinely conduct scientifically controlled tests of network performance around the world. We’ve conducted tests at a variety of levels and venues – from national to regional, from highways to shopping centers, and from sporting events to public transportation. Read the following case studies and learn more about our innovative testing campaigns.

About GWS

Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. defines the industry standard for network benchmarking, analysis and testing. GWS’ proprietary OneScore network ranking combines in-depth testing data with real-world usage scenarios to make network testing results relatable and easy to understand. Working with some of the world’s largest wireless network providers, GWS offers network data and engineering analysis through a suite of benchmarking products, services, and OneMeasure diagnostic apps that includes drive, venue, and in-building testing. Founded in 1996, GWS is headquartered in Dulles, Virginia (USA). At last count, GWS has driven and walked over 13 million data collection miles for its customers.

1996: Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) founded by Dr. Paul Carter

2000: GWS begins nationwide mobile network benchmark testing in the U.S.

2009: GWS launches TroubleSpots - an app that allows everyday mobile phone users to report dropped calls and no-service areas to GWS in real-time

2009: Fierce Wireless recognizes GWS as one of the top wireless companies in its Fierce 15 list

2011: GWS named to Virginia's "Fantastic 50"

2014: GWS introduces OneMeasure™ App enterprise version - a configurable app for mobile and Wi-Fi network performance testing

2015: GWS releases OneMeasure™ App consumer version on the app stores

2016: GWS celebrates 20th anniversary

2016: GWS introduces OneScore - network performance ranking combining engineering data with consumer research

2016: GWS conducts nationwide testing in UK using both iOS and Android devices – an industry first

2017:GWS surpasses 10 million miles of driving and walking while testing

2018: GWS releases results of the most comprehensive nationwide network test and evaluation conducted in the US

2018: GWS introduces Business OneScore – UK mobile networks measured based on what matters most to businesses

2019: GWS debuts Event-o-Meter, a barometer of mobile network performance at popular US events

2019: GWS completes another comprehensive nationwide test and evaluation of US mobile networks

2020: GWS determines UK consumer “sweet spot” – acceptable waiting time to complete mobile online activities

2021: GWS launches OneMeasure Consumer Panel. An anonymous, opt-in panel of 200,000 U.S. consumers generating data on mobile phone usage

GWS defines the industry standard for wireless network benchmarking. We offer network data and engineering analysis through a suite of benchmarking services.